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Hit the Road Jack Visits Town


A stop was made in Plainview on Saturday, August 17, 2019


A little bit about the couple who create these photo albums is listed below. Please visit their Facebook page located below for 2 albums of the wonderful things that our town has to offer. 

Hit the Road Jack Album 1

Hit the Road Jack Album 2

Hit the Road Jack follows along the excursions of Mark and Becky as they road trip along county roads and dusty trails to visit and document small towns in America before they all vanish. From one horse villages to bustling outlying county seats, visit these unique locations with them as they reveal through photographs and first hand impressions that these towns are far more than just points on a map. "We are neither photographers nor historians. We roll our eyes along with you at the poor quality of some of our photos and cheer when they miraculously turn out well. We don't apologize for not getting everything correct, these are after all, just our impressions after a 20-30 minute 'tour' of a town. We do, however, welcome comments, opinions and corrections from locals. It makes this page even better when more people contribute."

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